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"Breakfast / Lunch / Brunch" for (( JUNE- 2015 ))

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NormM wrote:The delivery guys took it away, no questions, no problem.  By having it delivered, I didn't have to try to get it in my little Mustang, they assembled it and took away the old one.

Assembly alone is a gift from God for us! No lie, we're not the handiest twosome around. I'm better than Brian, though Razz Seriously. He used to deny that saying we were both terrible but after a few mind-boggling things he did while attempting to perform a few normal household tasks with those dreaded tools (the screwdriver and/or the hammer), he would now agree with me. He's probably afraid I'll start recounting them to him -- he just hangs his head in shame but eventually laughs as much as I do. At least now, at 68, I've actually gotten him to read directions before using ANYTHING. That alone is a step up around here, trust me!

When's the initial grilling, Norm? Tonight, or was it christened last night?!


I have not used it yet but I have let the cast iron grates heat up and seasoned them. Tomorrow I am finishing some beans and ham hock that i started today so I won't use it until this weekend at the earliest. I took a look at the directions for assembly and it was no small chore. i would probably still be putting it together if I had to do it myself. Even so i had to find and connect the wire for the side burner starter.


I opened a New Thread for July 2015 ...

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