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man.. grocery shopping.

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1 man.. grocery shopping. on Tue Jan 21, 2014 3:31 pm



It is beginning to be such a hassle,

I put it off till I have used the last can of cat food.I used the last trash bag. I put up the last roll Tpaper & paper towel.
No half & half.. 2 eggs when you wanted to make a 3 egg cake..

No bread.No buns.No deli meat.No veggies. truth be told empty cleaned out fridge.

SUPPOSED to be cold out.  They lie.All I can say is a good thing I wore a shirt under a sweat shirt..Jerked that thing off before I even walked in the store.ghezz.....

shopped. paid,loaded up,drove home.Had to put the windows down to cool off..Get home,,my back tightened up of course.. With the load I have to carry in.

After I rebag . what to leave for the second trip..

Unlock door.. Both girls try to run out. Ms Cat does get out.I have to put the bags down really quick. Maggie gets in the bags.Nosy..Both of them under my feet,jumping on me.

I am wore out.Have to put the first stuff away. Ms cat wants in..  she is out 3 minutes.
I leave the slider open to cool myself down lol.

Get a iced tea. I am starving..Sit down,,,don't have the energy to make something to eat.. Both of them climb in my lap..Nothing like being so missed lol.

So now I am rested. I have to plan my next trip to the car.   

I did not get any veggies. No fruit..

Looks like I will have more shopping to do   

Dinner???? Who knows what...

2 Re: man.. grocery shopping. on Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:49 am


Barb...Do you have a market that does a pick and delivery to you?
We have two stores (ShopRite, and Weis Markets ) that you pick on the computer, and pay for it, and then they gather all your stuff, and you can either pick it up at the store, or they will deliver it to you!

My Granddaughter works for Weis, and she helps pull product for people.
I don't think they deliver though, but ShopRite Does.

I'm sure there is a service charge, but some days, one doesn't really feel that great to do shopping.

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