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I am here in COLD Delaware..

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1 I am here in COLD Delaware.. on Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:46 am


Left yesterday morning ..Friday. I had to wait for the stupid deliver from UPS that was due on Monday..I will never ordered from them again.

Anyway the cat only fussed very little.Molly snoozed & took up most of the seat.Maggie had her back feet on the seat & her front feet on the arm rest & panted on me almost the whole day..Good thing she does not have bad

 got in Md by 4pm & new I was in trouble as it gets dark by 5.I was not driving over that bridge.. affraid Called chris ,he could not find anyone to drive with him to come drive me.
so he rented a car & I was to meet him at the car rental place & he would drive my car. ONLY thing was I was past the place In bumper to bumper traffic.And it was getting dark.Oh BTW I can drive aka see in the dark..

I am in the lane to get of fat the Bay bridge,me thinking oh they must have somewhere to pull off.NO NO.. chris said when you get on that exit you are on the bridge.He said get off at the next exit.. asap.So I did. Naval Station lol.Annapolis,I have been there plenty of time.. Never driving & for sure not driving in the dark & I can see nothing.. I am so stressed. I see a church so I pull in..Pitch dark.

Thank god I had my phone. Chris found me by gps,he had to call a taxi. By this time it is 9ish..Took hour & 1/2 to get to his house. That is a freaking mansion.... affraid affraid OMG..

freaking nightmare with the dogs .They are scared of his big dog.So they have to be shut in my bedroom. Cat is in there too. and to keep them out of the cat box & her food I am going NUTS>>> oh & kat did her stuff in the bathtub.. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil  I moved the box there so now to take a shower is going to be a nightmare. OY....Fiasco HUGE..Girls will not use the pee pads & already peed on the carpet.They have barked non stop & one of them is scratching the door down.I do not even want to go up & check on them..Unreal nightmare with them..His dog is huge ..

We have to drive to get his truck at the car rental place .I will get to see this place in the day light now.

Cold too.. I do not care long as I do not have to drive in any snow..

I am just stunned at how awesome his house is.. king King of the castle is right..

2 Re: I am here in COLD Delaware.. on Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:53 am


Thank heavens you are there, safe & sound. Someday you'll be able to think back to the trip and laugh.....maybe not. LOL

The animals will settle down - if not, remember MY remedy ((duct tape))!

Have fun and enjoy yourself. I'm sure Chris is just relieved you are there.

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