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Messed up next few days

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1 Messed up next few days on Mon Dec 15, 2014 10:38 am



So yesterday I go to the cell phone store.At 11am.Everyone said get a Iphone.

sweet gal helped me.Did all the paperwork,buying etc etc Plans etc etc.I pick a white phone, she goes back to get it.

NO NOT one white phone in the place.  

I have to get a black one.. Not happy..

She set the whole thing up,info,apps,just everything.Man bunch of shit.. scratch 

she even connected my bluetooth,Took till 3pm..Made me so tired I took a nap..

I am so lame with this thing..

Then this......My package from W&S was to be here today.I tracked it this morning ...THURSDAY!!!!!! I had planned on leaving on Weds.So now I can not leave till FRi. Evil or Very Mad 

Then Att&t says log in to your acct..well 45 minutes later after 'That s the wrong ID/password. Crap then new still would not let me in.HUGE PIA..These folks are nuts..I finally get into my account & it said nothing..That I already knew. Evil or Very Mad 

I am stuck with this black Iphone for 2years.Pissed off. I should have said no when she said no white & got another cell.Stupid me..

To top it all off my coffee got cold.....

I need a nap....... Sleep

2 Re: Messed up next few days on Mon Dec 15, 2014 11:19 pm


Sounds like me when I get a new computer and have to set that up. Transferring every thing over, setting up security, linking the WiFi, hunting for passwords. Just shot after one of those days. I also go back to bed. I feel for you.

3 Re: Messed up next few days on Tue Dec 16, 2014 7:42 am


Barb - double check w/the store. When I got my phone (NOT an iphone, by the way, but a 'smart' one) I was told I could have returned it within 90 days if I did not like it. Of course, I didn't find that out until I'd had it 8 months and was still complaining about it.

I didn't (still don't) like the small size of the texting keyboard when it appears....IF it appears. Wish I still had my old bag phone....

4 Re: Messed up next few days on Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:22 am


Barb, just a suggestion..
Did you get the AppleCare plan? It is service for the phone for a full year, if not 3.
You can call AppleCare on your landline and maybe they could walk you through it.

Passwords are usually your birthday, so it is easy to remember...

If not, I would go to the local AT&T store and have them fix it or replace it for you..
You should have a warranty on it. It will allow you to return it and get another, probably less expensive phone.

I have all Apple products and love them!

I heard Android and Samsung are very good for smart phones----and easy to operate....

Lots of good deals not get something just because they talked you into it.....
Smart phones do have to be updated if that seems to be too involved for you, then get a 'oldie' phone!

Even look at Walmart! they have some good deals for a limited service--just for emergencies, etc.......

Also, it really does not matter what color the phone is, because you will buy a cover (protector) to go over it. Those you can get in any color you want...
That is important to have because the glass can scratch and break easily when dropped....believe me, it will happen..

5 Re: Messed up next few days on Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:56 am


Gosh IDK I think I have it. I was just so lame brain at the time, I was already there for over a hr as it was. I should have just said no I do not want a black phone.Our apple store is downtown Maybe Chris can take me to one by him.He will be showing me how to use the I notice on the open window 'mail' I get all the emails from here & most of the other crap mail that is on my laptop.I figured out how to trash HA..

well in 2 yrs I can upgrade . I go screaming into the new age of being with it.. affraid

6 Re: Messed up next few days on Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:04 pm



I would suggest that you bring all the receipts and everything that came with the phone with you. Chris then has all the information. If it was real AT&T store, and not an off-shoot phone store, then it should be returnable at any branch.

I get my Apple products, including the phone at the Apple Store. They are much more informed about the phone than the phone company...
Make sure you get a good phone protector. and they do sell plastic or glass covers for the face. I have them put it on for me...

The jackets can be purchased anywhere (a lot cheaper), but I prefer to have it all done in one store....

I have Verizon...

Great that you found the Mail option!! and the delete!!! Which phone did you get? the 5, 5C or new 6????
I have the 5....
It is really easy to take pictures and sync onto the laptop (MacBook)...

You can even pull up music web sites on the phone!! just need a stationary charger with speakers... I use that daily..does use up a lot of data, but I have lots of it on my plan...

Your son will help you.. and there are many here who can also cheers

7 Re: Messed up next few days on Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:31 pm


I got the Iphone6.. I would have got a older model ,odd they were the same price.It was off shoot store.

Learning as I go as long as I can call out & get calls I am good for now.Ha..

8 Re: Messed up next few days on Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:37 pm


Hey, Barb ~ just to make it easier for you when you have a question.....don't bother checking with me. I'm clueless as can be. If my kids lived closer I'd ask my grandkids to teach me. DD#1 gets all her info from her husband (who is a whiz with the stuff) and DD#2 gets irritated with me and just sets it up the way she thinks it should be.

When I bought my 'smart phone' DD#2 set it up and I had 50 dumb games on my screen....nothing I would want to play even if I understood how to do it. All I wanted was 'dial', 'contacts', 'emails' and 'text'.

9 Re: Messed up next few days on Tue Dec 16, 2014 1:24 pm


All I wanted was 'dial', 'contacts', 'emails' and 'text'.

That is me too. I sent my very first text this morning lol.It was easy becuz the gal set everything up for me. Chris laughed at me & said welcome to the real world..

I do not play music or games.

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