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"PUTERS" S ..L... O... W.. for Three Days!!! Grrrrrrr!!!

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The last three days... all three computers were slow as ole heck.
I did restarts and scans, and still really slow uploads and virtually no downloads. Today I ran a ping test through my ISP ( Comcast ) and DL was 0 and UL was 0... Like ?????????/

I went on the support fixit yourself on the Xfinity Comcast...and It said to reset the Cable Modem. I shut off the Network Router first, and then unplugged the Comcast Box (modem) for 10 seconds.

I replugged in the modem first, and after 20 seconds, I plugged in the power to the network Router....

BINGO! Faster than ever now!!!,,,, YAY!!!

MY PING TEST >>>>>>>>>>>


To add.... I usually do a restart on the computers every 3 days.
I use System Mechanic to do a one click computer clean up and hard drive maintenance.
That was the best 49.95 ( 29.95 now ) I ever spent. It does all repairs on the hard drive, system clutter, and defragments the memory and all the things that one would have to do all that manually, and all that takes time. I click it at night every week, and in the AM all is back to like new.
The good thing is I can use the same license for all my computers.,2817,2371043,00.asp

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