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Tired today

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1 Tired today on Mon May 13, 2013 5:19 pm

Imelda HL

This morning my DH got up earlier than usual, he planned to go on a hike, a 12 mile hike under a 90ish 'F heat.. he did it once while I was on my vacation and decided to do it again.. he knew I would not hike that long trail, he would do the short one if I went with him, but I decided not to go, let him have fun by himself, though I'm a bit worried, a long hike, alone, in the middle of nowhere.. with the heat and rattlesnakes partying around.. Shocked now I'm waiting for him to come home, it's been 4 hours..

Meanwhile I dusted, cleaned, vacuum and steamed 2 bedrooms, with several breaks, it still exhausts me.. I'm longing to drink a giant cup of cold soda, but like Queen Beth said: I COULD have any of those things ~ just NOT TODAY so I'll pass and drink a glass of cold green tea instead..

It's 1.12 pm now.. I haven't started my dinner yet, I have rice salad on my mind and I need to find out what herbs we have in my backyard to make the sauce Norm suggested.. I know we have mint, thyme, dills, basil, chives, I sure hope we still have parsley or cilantro ( if they aren't dead already ) I'll wait for my DH to know for sure Wink

so how is your day today?

2 Re: Tired today on Mon May 13, 2013 8:43 pm


I did some more "yard work" today. Darn stuff grows like crazy down here in Florida. In Ohio we'd trim the bushes ONCE in the spring and that would be it for the year. Well, I trimmed when I got here in February and everything needs a "hair cut" all over again. So today it was trimming the tree in the courtyard. Not a difficut thing, just a lot of trimming with some hand clippers. BUT I have to stand on a ladder....I do NOT like ladders. I do not like standing on chairs. I like to have my feet firmly placed on the ground. And now, it seems my ladder is not tall enough for me to reach as far as I need to so the top of the tree gets trimmed. Maybe I can borrow a taller ladder from someone in the neighborhood. Or, maybe I'll just not look at the top of the tree. Maybe a hurricane will blow through and blow the darn tree down.

I think I need to get a cocktail and think about it for a while. And once I have a cocktail, well, then it would be unwise to climb back up on that short ladder and attempt to reach the top of the tree.

Yes, I think it's time for a cocktail!


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