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No one cooking today?????

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1 No one cooking today????? on Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:19 pm


Made breakfast. watching PBS cooking programs.  

for some ODD reason I decided to shampoo the carpet..I push the cleaner for about 20 minutes.Dump the dirty water. Sit for a while. Start all over again.By the time I am done & the carpet is clean,I will have to start all over again.  

Dogs have been fighting today??? Cat has been out all day ,comes in to use the cat box lol.I put both bad girls out.Banging on the door for 30 minutes,they come in & go to their paper.   

washed the kitchen floor. Maggie just dumped the food bowls all over the floor Evil or Very Mad It has been a circus around here today..By 7pm I will be ready to go to my room...NO KIDS allowed...... clown

2 Re: No one cooking today????? on Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:43 am


Our cat Lola also comes in to use the litter box. Why bother going outside when she can use the nice litter box, right? The best is that she digs in it for what seems like forever before she goes and then jumps out without covering it when she's done! There seems to be more litter outside the box than inside when she's finished.

We did all the spring planting last week and were sitting outside in the shade surveying our handiwork when Lola entered one of the gardens. Natch, it's one of the ones where we turned the dirt and amended it with compost and peat moss. She dug forever before and then nicely covered her spot -- sure, OUTSIDE she covers it!!

Barb, our local PBS channel didn't have cooking shows yesterday. They were doing a fundraiser and had a concert in Portofino with Andrea Bocelli with David Foster playing the piano and producing the resulting CD. I decided to watch it and was really glad I did. Brian even passed by and commented how beautiful the setting in Portofino was.

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