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1 Cooking Friends... on Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:44 am


Some of you have wondered about the beginnings of Cooking Friends Forum.

It came about because Barb and I could not find a good fit on a forum where we could gather and chat with friends. We tried a few forums but none felt like "home". We tried to simply do group emails with 4 of us to keep in touch on a daily basis but that got confusing and time consuming.

At one point I think Barb was considering returning to the other forum because, truthfully, it is terrible to not have that contact with Internet friends you have come to know and care for. I never wanted to return because I felt my presence had become a real distraction with comments being made about my "negativity" or "meanness". I did not want to cause any of that distraction and felt once I made the decision to stop participating I was not going to return and become a distraction for the members yet again.

It was Barb's original idea to start a new forum and she talked me into it, albeit, kicking and screaming. I didn't know enough about computers to do it. But she persisted and coached me every inch of the way. Once we got the format laid out it was fairly easy to navigate. It was different from the site and different from the next forum, but familiar enough we thought it would work well enough to start inviting friends.

From the git-go we decided to make our forum an "invitation only" site. So, if you could reply to this post, know YOU were invited because we felt you share our desire to share knowledge, ideas and questions about food and cooking. And every one of you, our friends, have continued to contribute and inspire one another in a friendly and relaxed way. We are so happy you all are here and we appreciate each and every one of you.

and they all thought "Queen Beth" was a big joke......

2 Re: Cooking Friends... on Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:48 pm


Barb was considering returning to the other forum

I did. As you can see it did not last to long Shocked The very hostile attitude of Dilly Boy & his friend Whatshisname did it for me.

Admin took no interest in the running or controlling that forum what so ever.

I tell you ,you think you know people but you really don't.Oh sure they agree with you & pitch a fit behind PM's, but when it comes to ,put it out there, they skulk behind the door & say oh I am neutral now.

Enough is enough. I know when to shut the door & move on.

I did just that. I am so happy to have the people/members here who are decent (lol) Have something to contribute to a COOKING forum.

I will say that forum over there is dead,they just don't know it.Sleep bom 

BTW I/we did invite others to join us,but for some reason they are not here.??? Oh well no loss.

3 Re: Cooking Friends... on Sat Aug 03, 2013 1:07 am


I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I tell you both, Barb and Beth, how much we appreciate your taking on the chore of running a forum.  

It's truly a nice place to be, a fun place to be and finally, a nice place to talk about what we all enjoy -- cooking!  So far you've done a bang-up job with everyone you've invited to join.  sunny

4 Re: Cooking Friends... on Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:35 am


Yeah, Barb, I'm surprised more haven't moved over here if you've invited them. Things have definitely slowed down over there and I know they continue to be turned off by her "off-color" comments. There is no real moderating going on that I can see. I wish stupid would have left the forum up. There just wasn't enough time to notify all the forum friends we had. That's too bad because we sure had some great contributors!

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