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A few pre-made sauces I tried along with somerecipes

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We were recently asked to try out a few sauces from Citizen Chef.  You all know that generally I make everything from scratch, but who could resist FREE.  I tried the sauces and wrote up a few articles.  Here are the links:

Information about Citizen Chef sauces:

Chipotle adobo chicken

Orange Chicken

Imelda HL

very good articles Jana.. the chickens look delicious..

are you in Prescott area? I saw on the news there is a deadly fire.. so terrible.. I hope you and family are not affected by it


I've never seen that brand around here. Is it a National or mor of a local area offering?

JanaAZ appears they're moving it out to other areas. If you go on their website you can see where they carry it in your area. It really was good.

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