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CYN How is Artie???

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1 CYN How is Artie??? on Wed Jun 12, 2013 7:07 am


Just wondering... 

2 Re: CYN How is Artie??? on Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:58 am


Thanks for remembering me!
Artie is ok now.
It took 4 Vet visits-one to an emergency room, pain meds (morphine like) and 2 rounds of fluid under the skin for him to improve. I am exhausted and my wallet is empty!
Artie has been diagnosed with very early kidney failure and a bladder cystitis---like an inflammation of the bladder. Both of these conditions are chronic with the bladder one most likely to return. It is common in male cats and more common in orange boys.. Guess what he is? Orange!!
He is supposed to change over to prescription food--but he refuses it. He would rather starve than eat it, even when it is mixed with his regular food. The vet said to go ahead and give him his regualar food. I add extra water to it. and I have been trying to sneak a bit of the special food in it.. He sniffs it out and refuses it; But he ate some last night!

I also stopped the Blue Buffalo food--gut feeling...

Since I returned his food he has become so affectionate!  He seems to know that I was trying to help him. I think he was in pain.  That is what the Vet said--that is why she gave him morphine.  He wants to cuddle, is always on my things...has to touch me during the night...I guess he loves me..
I just adopted a sick kitty--but I love him
Gotta go--at work --patients call

3 Re: CYN How is Artie??? on Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:34 pm


Sounds like you and the vet have a handle on his problems...glad he's feeling better!

4 Re: CYN How is Artie??? on Wed Jun 12, 2013 7:53 pm


Right now, I have the recliner feet out and he is curled up next to my legs--leaning up against me, touching, of course!Very Happy
He ate a bit of Fancy Feast (shudder) mixed with some prescription food while I was at work and again tonight! He is refusing the good food!! crazy cat!
Yesterday morning, I was woken up by him deciding to lie on my face!! affraid  That was a new one!
He is one affectionate kitty...He has gotten more and more so over the past few months. He is much more comfortable here and knows it is his 'forever' home. I really do think that he knew I took him to the Vets so he could feel better. Once he started to feel better he would not leave me alone!
I am a crazy cat lady!Twisted Evil

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