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Julia & Jacques...classic PBS

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1 Julia & Jacques...classic PBS on Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:30 pm


I was watching an old J & J ~ one of the ones where Jacques did all the cooking and Julia got to taste, discuss and disagree. Love 'em!

Jacques was cooking fresh spinach in a quick sauté with a bit of shallot or garlic after cleaning and stemming the spinach. Julia gave her thoughts on the boxed frozen spinach available - better not to use it at all because it's mostly stems and the stems have no flavor at all. Then she wanted to make the point she preferred to cook fresh spinach the 'old fashioned way' with water and then squeeze all the moisture out.

Jacques commented the pan sauté helped retain more of the nutrients....Julia thought it was tough and bitter tasting. Jacques thought it very tender and tasty.....oh, I loved those little differences of opinion!

When Jacques commented about the nutrients Julia stated a classic: "we don't care about nutrients...WE care about FLAVOR !"

Classic Julia. Priceless.

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