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1 "TINA'S PIEROGI" on Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:58 pm


Tina’s Pierogi’s (Cheese  & Potato Filling )
* >Makes approx. 120- 3 inch diameter pierogi< *
Start with 4 Lbs of flour on a smooth; sturdy large area surface. ( I use a marble slab )
#1-Sprinkle 1 tsp. Salt over flour, and Add Three Large Eggs into the center (well), along with Three Heaping spoonfuls of Sour Cream.
Stir to mix together…
#2- Now the fun begins (This is the hardest and messiest part, but take it slow and start adding the flour in toward the well, and as you continue, and the dough starts drying and you’re wondering ??? “What am I doing?”…. Relax, and start adding cool water a little at the time)
#3- Take your time, and slowly add water to the dry, and incorporate it as you will now begin to develop a sticky dough, and working to a final consistency like a pie dough. ( A lot of people say, “I couldn’t be bothered mixing by hand, I would throw it in the stand KA Mixer!”) Problem is, that will work the dough too much, and cause the dough to be tough and thick and rubbery) Comparatively, a pie dough that is over worked will not come out right.

When the dough is finally rounded into a large ball, I keep it covered with a large plastic bowl over top.
Take a piece to create a 4’’Inch round x ½” thick flat and working on a floured surface dust each side, and #4- I use a pasta roller machine to roll out the first roll flat on the Larger #4 setting…. Then flour the both sides, and run it through the roller again on the smaller thickness setting. (I use #2)
By then, you will have a flat of dough as shown, approx. 30” Inches long and 5 inches or so wide.

#5- With a baller…. I add the balls of filling leaving space between each, and then brush the one edge with water to moisten the seam when the dough is flipped over to create the pockets of filling to be then
Cut and pressed with a pastry cutter/sealer tool.
I use a 3” Inch pastry cutter that has the rippled edge to seal the dough edge. I still check and pinch the edges to be sure they are sealed tightly.

#6- I Place the pierogi on a toweled surface Dusted with flour, and cover with another towel until ready to cook (boil) them.
#7- Use a large pot of water, and add salt (1 Tbs. Kosher Salt ) and adjust the boil to a SLOW Boil.
This is important; because a rapid rolling boil will aid in breaking the delicate dough, and you don’t want that!
They should be boiled in batches of 12 or so, so as not to bump each other from a crowded pot.
I boil them for around 5 or 6 minutes, and then remove them carefully with a large wide strainer tool, and immediately drop them in a large bath of ice water to cool. Leave them in the ice bath till they are cold, and harden. This will make handling easier, and prevent breaking.

#8- Remove each pierogi by hand and with the other hand oiled generously, coat each one (like a baby’s Tush with baby oil), hahaha…only use Cooking Oil!
Add them to a large pan (I use a pie / pastry taker )
You can layer them, and also use waxed paper between the layers if you are storing them for later use in the refrigerator.
They can be frozen (which I like to ) on flat cookie sheets on non stick foil….or pastry paper coated with oil, and not touching. After they are frozen solid, then they can be packaged together and kept frozen for a longer period. ( We vacuum seal them in bags and store them )…..hahaha That’s if there are any left over.

Initially, I do different fillings such as lekvar (Prune) and fried (sauerkraut and onions). Etc., but generally
I just do the potato cheese filling because the kids only like them that way.
My Potato Cheese Filling:
5 Pounds Potatoes, peeled, cubed & boiled with 1 Tsp. Kosher Salt in the boiling water.
When done (fork pierced; the potato will pull off test), Drain, and then place in a large bowl.
While Hot, Add ( Cut In Chunks )….  (1)- 4oz.  Stick of  Salted Butter ….. (1)- 8oz. Stick of Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheddar Cheese, and (1)- 8oz. Stick of Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese.
Use a hand potato masher to blend the cheese and mash the potatoes. NOT in a stand or hand mixer.
Let Cool fully to Room Temperature for later use as a filling for the pierogi. I always make my filling the night before to make it easier on me.
*note! - The 5 LBS of potato filling will yeild approx. enough filling for around 80 to 90 pierogi, and so I always have enough dough left over from the described batch, to use for other type fillings in my pierogi; which will yield approx. a total of 140 count.
Enjoy! …. (Have Fun )
From TINA’S Kitchen and inspired from watching her Moms Cooking.

2 Re: "TINA'S PIEROGI" on Wed Apr 16, 2014 11:09 pm


  Holy Yumpin Yimminy Jimmy!

It all came together! ....


3 Re: "TINA'S PIEROGI" on Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:06 am



That was exactly what I wanted to see.....I LOVE Tina's method of using a long piece of dough to lay out her filling instead of individually cutting circles and then trying to crimp the edges. Her method is much more like a ravioli than the half moon types.

And the fact that she mixes the dough by what gives such tender dough, I'm sure. Great 'tried & true' recipe and method.

Thanks so much for a great recipe story !!!




4 Re: "TINA'S PIEROGI" on Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:14 pm

Imelda HL

neat and beautifully done, good job Tina and Jimmy   

5 Re: "TINA'S PIEROGI" on Thu Apr 17, 2014 6:33 pm


Tina and I say Thank You! ....
It goes easier with help, and I helped a little, but she was in a bad mood that day.
She wouldn't even let me turn the crank on the pasta roller machine.
When I sat there, and counted the pierogi's as they were made...she shooed me away, and said I would put the Pierogi Curse on them. It's old wives tale, that one should never count the pierogi; because they will break apart when boiling.

The way Tina does it with the flat dough noodle, and then folding over the edge, she can roll out 120 of those baby's in like 2 hours. That's cooked and chilled and oiled.
Then,....... I'm the clean up boy!...

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