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am I the only one

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1 am I the only one on Tue May 28, 2013 11:32 am


who would like to step back in time?

Funny thing that happened when I shut off my cable,I get the best of old Tv programs.

i didn't feel good this morning so I rested on the sofa & turned on Tv.Donna Reed & The beaver came on.

I never had that kind of life growing up, my Mother was a single working mom.I was the latch key kid.Home alone.
I swore I would never be that kind of mom.

I never had the cloth tablecloth & napkins on the dining room table for supper.

I did that for my kids only on a kitchen table.Table set nice.
For breakfast,dinner. Maybe a brunch on the week ends.

kids are gone & Dd doesn't cook much.The boys often just fend for them self.They have terrible table manners.They have rules at my house,not at home.

I get to thinking about those good ole days & it sometimes saddens me.I missed it. I now do that for my self lol.
I don't entertain like I used to either.
It makes feel better to have my table set with china,tablecloth/placemats ,napkins,silverware & nice glasses.Even if I am eating salad.

then of course there are days I eat wings on the platter right in front of the

anyone else feel this way?

2 Re: am I the only one on Wed May 29, 2013 1:46 am


Sounds great Barbara.
I love going back in time. Sometimes Tina and the DD say I am Back in time even at the present.

I serviced the A/C system today, and I was in the attic where my overhead system is.
I finished and cleaned up, and was roving around up there. ( Kneeling hight only)
I was going through boxes of the kids toys when they were small.
DD's crayons and coloring books with all scribble scrabble. hahaha

Jim Jr's army men...I looked way way in the back, and I could see Stretch Armstrong just thrown on his back. Stretch man was a doll (Superhero) that you pulled his arms and legs, and they would stretch like dough. Then let it go, and it would scarily go back to its original shape. hahaha Funny as heck!

Ifound a box of ppers and cancelled checks from 1984. When we bought the house, we had a insurance on the house through Sears. It was so funny. It said "Sears Alstate" DELUX Homeowner's Insurance. WOW!!! Delux! hahahahaha

There is a whole bunch of stuff up there. DD called before, and I told her. She said,"Dad, now i'm getting itchy to go up there and scrounge around.

Good, I said. "You can throw out the stuff you no longer need, like your baby dolls and toys. An all the games with the missing pieces.

I love the old TV shows. We get them, but I've not seen Donna Reed show in ages.
I bought Tina sme Ann Southern DVD's...and Man From U.N.C.L.E. they are favorites of hers.

I havn't seen Father Knows Best or Ozzie and Harriet Nelson in ages too.
We get The Beaver, and some others. Tina loves the Turner Classics in Black and White. The old Old movies.

3 Re: am I the only one on Wed May 29, 2013 6:50 am


Yes, I have always thought that emotionally I belonged to another time..In the past, in the 40's...Maybe I have romanticized it, in my mind. The times seemed simpler then. People seemed to care more about each other. The stories my parents told me were so interesting. Yes, there were shortages, hard times and fear, but it seemed as if everyone pitched in and cared.
I do not know what I would be doing in that time period. I would hope that I would be one of the 'strong ones' who had courage, perseverance, and hope..
Those people were definitely the "Greatest Generation" in the title of the book...(which I did read)

I even have my Dad's letters to my Mom from WWII. I tried to read a couple--could not, just a few lines.....

I love watching the old movies on Turner Classics!

The old TV shows from my childhood are on a couple of local cable stations..Yes, Donna Reed, Columbo, Perry Mason, Lost in Space, even Cheers! and the rest!

It is good to reminisce! flower

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