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We All Use our Hands...BUT dig Nails In Pizza Dough??

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I try Not to use my bare hands when mixing like meatloaf or sausage, and I am very fussy about that.
I have boxes of the deli gloves and Non-Latex Gloves that I use.
When working with Doughs like for pizza etc, Scrubbing up three times and being careful with hair and dander, is something I am a stickler about. My nails are cut super short at all times.

So here I am watching the TV Ad for Domino's Pizza Deep Dish Home made & Pressed by HAND Pizza.
There it is...that did it for me. It showed the girl pressing the dough in the pan using her fingers and pressing her nails into the dough to push it to the edges. Nails???/ Come On Domino's. Use the palms of the hands....Not Dig In with the Nails. That makes me shkeeve!

I don't go to the pizza joints where the pizza prep stretches the dough on the backs of his hairy gosh darn hands.
I like the rolled out dough with the rolling dowel, or the stretch as turning on a floured surface.

Just the thoughts of that back hand hair turns me off.

Maybe I am too fussy, but things like that could be refrained from doing. Hairy armed cooks / chefs / should shave their back hand hair, and wear long sleeves to cover the arm hair.

I don't know, I guess if I was producing a commercial, I would think twice about showing a food preparer shoving her fingernails in the dough that People are gonna eat.
Fingernails are filthy.

I just thought it would be a good mention, and not that we don't use our hands while cooking, but fingernails are a little extreme. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha .....


My TV gripe is rings or bling or whatever.  Most of the shows with TV cooks I enjoy have bare hands but a few on TV ....ewwwwww!

I also cannot mix meats with my bare hands and use the food service gloves.  I get them at Gordon's for pennies a of 100 or so, not expensive at all.  I use them for so many things, mixing a large slaw or salad, potato many things are easier to combine with your hands.  I like to mix my cucumber and onion salad with my hand to bruise the vegetables - easy to slip on one glove for a quick job like that.


On that same ad, they say they are turning down the ovens to get a crisp crust.  I always thought that doing that would make it softer, even soggy.  All the pizza ovens I know use very high temps. to crisp the crust.


being a nail tech/manicurist for 30 yrs, the horror of what germs on a persons nails is Horrific.
If I see a person with those god awful nasty long filthy nails in a food place,, I get up & leave.Drive through is the worst,those fast food places hire anyone.

I have seen what goes on in kitchens of food places & believe me THAT is the #1 reason I do not eat out.

you see on cooking shows the person saying,oh stir/mix this with your impeccable clean hands.... ya right...We All Use our Hands...BUT dig Nails In Pizza Dough?? 1297124391


The site is preventing me from Writing on Barbara's last quote. Oh Well...Something ain't right/

Barbara... DD is a nail and pedicure tech too. She also does facials etc. She told me,"Dad You would not believe how people come in here with toe infections and face issues like boils and infections. I have to tell them to see a Dr. and get it cleaned up first before she will do a whatever on them. She said it is rare, but it does happen.

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