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Silicone Splatter Guards

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1Silicone Splatter Guards Empty Silicone Splatter Guards on Sat Apr 27, 2019 6:06 pm


Well, after reading tons of good reviews, I broke down and got two of those silicone splatter guards, the 10-inch and the 12-inch, when they were on sale.

Silicone Splatter Guards Bp12
Silicone Splatter Guards Bp19

They're absolutely wonderful and there's not a speck of grease on the stovetop after using them. Brian loves them too. He always reached for one of those fine screen covers when he's sauteing something but they don't work very well. I got tired of dirtying up the stove the same day our cleaning lady came and cleaned it. No more! They didn't interfere with tending to the items in your pan either; it was if they weren't even there.

I'm not much of a hand washer if it will go in the dishwasher, as you may remember. I just open one of these on the top rack and it goes through the dishwasher perfectly.

They're not cheap but a bit easier to swallow when I saw them on sale. Sure beats wiping grease off the stovetop and adjacent burners!

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