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Checking in

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1 Checking in on Sat Dec 27, 2014 9:38 am


Got back to DS yesterday late. What a Christmas I have had ! It has been so great. I am stuck upstairs for awhile, dad went out last night so I will have to keep the girls quit by being in the room. They are not happy. Holding my cell and typing very small is making my hand numb lol.i will wait till I can use my laptop to finish.

2 Re: Checking in on Sat Dec 27, 2014 9:40 am


Ha. Not. Dad. Chris.

3 Re: Checking in on Sat Dec 27, 2014 10:30 am


So very happy for you. Are you going to take time to look for a place in the area as long as you're there? It would be wonderful for you to be closer to Chris ~ doesn't hurt to check it out.

Have fun and reassure the girls they're fine.....

4 Re: Checking in on Sat Dec 27, 2014 11:29 am


OMG wait till you hear what I got for gifts..

They know I love baskets so the extra items went in the most beautiful ones..

Really nice 2 pair of fancy sleepware ,ya know the kind you do not buy yourself.. lol Plus slippers to match..

My love for roosters noted.4 great mugs..Covered butter dish. 2 really cute bowls.

Wait for it...........Zojirushi Bread machine.. The basket full of bread making stuff. 2 kinds of flour.Saf yeast,flour jars,yeast jar,measure spoons,Jams.some other stuff, I forgot at the moment..

Le Creuset ,,,,,,,,dutch oven,stock pot,covered skillet,tart/pie pan.rectangular
casserole,oval covered small casseroles.butter dish,some covered jar for grease maybe?? All in Cherry color..I was shocked let me tell you..

popcorn maker,,, another basket full of pop corn,blue,white,heirloom,oils,salt.

candles,cute cat face slippers,smell good stuff,butter body creams.loads of candy lol lol cookies,brownies,

truffle godiva coffee,plus chocolate ebook,little christmas chickens so cute..

Idk ,,more I am sure. I am brain

I tell ya I was just so stunned.Going to take me a 3 days to haul it in my house..

We did not talk about going to looks at places but I am sure it will be a good idea.Yes I would move here.So much shopping & fun stuff to do.Now that I have someone to do it with..

I have had wine (lots geek ). Godiva chocolate stuff in my coffee & in the glass.Champagne.FOOD FOOD FOOD.

Having 4 overnight guests so I am making the REAL lasagna today..Great appys & bread etc.Chris got some great wine in the basket wrapped bottles.I am making Ita Ricotta cake with blueberrys.For breakfast in the morning I am making french toast with challah dipped in eggnog..Mimosa's.other stuff I have forgotten..

Oddly enough my back has acted up like at home.Might be becuz I am more active.IDK..

I will stop going on & be back later..

So glad to see everyone had a great Christmas..

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