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I have a auto question

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1 I have a auto question on Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:28 am


is there any pros or cons about where the shift thing is ? On the steering column or the center?

Looking at auto's. I have to say I am still in favor of a svu type.Just having that back inside space is good.

Also does anyone have or had a lease? I know it is for 3 years.The rest IDK.I do know I do not trust car dealers & salesmen.This auto I have now is by far & still is the best I have ever had & it may have been a fluke who knows..I bought it on a whim.Small things going on it that could be fixed.One day I will go out & it will be in a pile in the driveway. When I do for oil changes the guy says it is in great shape However I am scared to drive to Delaware for 11 hrs in it.. scratch

Oh & I checked about getting a new rental for the trip hahahahah over $600. affraid

2 Re: I have a auto question on Wed Oct 15, 2014 8:05 am


DD#2 leases her car.  She cannot afford the higher payments of a purchase (for a variety of reasons).  It seems to work for her right now, by the time her lease is up it's time to get a new vehicle.  This way she doesn't have to have repair bills.

If you drive less than the allowed miles you get a break on the next lease, or more optional features...whatever.

I don't like it because you never get to have no car payment.  I don't like payments.  JMO

Also, my friends here in The Villages lease their 2 vehicles. They like changing cars every 3 years - I don't know what that feels like. LOL But they have a rather large retirement income and can comfortably afford the continuing payments. They lease both cars from the same dealership so they get discounted for that, they also get discounted for being return owner/leasors.

Just go talk to a couple dealerships about a car you like. See what they have to offer. There really are some truthful car salesmen out there.

3 Re: I have a auto question on Wed Oct 15, 2014 8:52 am


Chris said he leased a chrysler 22 (nice car too) for 10 days unlimited mileage for $200.Well I looked for hrs & there is no such thing .At least here.Nothing cheaper then $400 & limited mileage.Not doing that.

That leasing sounds good to me.I drive so little now.Maybe that is why my auto is not falling It only has less then 90k miles on it & it is  15 yr old car I ever had,well I had a great Caddie brand new off the show room Oh man I loved that thing.. I got rear ended in 1998 & the car was totaled.
I really could just buy one used of course for cash but I do not want a bunch of repairs & being stuck without.So a new one does appeal to me.
So finding one that is not on any recalls is going to be

4 Re: I have a auto question on Wed Oct 15, 2014 9:03 am


So tell Chris you are concerned about your vehicle and ask for his advice about leasing one ~ he may have some good ideas. If you do lease a car you like I wouldn't worry about recalls, etc. It'll be new and anything that needs to be replaced/repaired will be taken care of. Go look and see what you like. Test drive a bunch and have fun doing it.

It amazes me about all the new features my DD#1 has on her two new vehicles....back up sensors that let you know a car is near as you want to pull out of a parking spot, navigation systems, "too-close-to-me-on-the-side" alerts, back-up camera (amazing!).

Know how much you can afford (as well as the insurance costs) and then just have fun with it. If you have the right attitude you really can enjoy the experience.

5 Re: I have a auto question on Wed Oct 15, 2014 1:03 pm


My brother buys some and leases some. What he does with his leases....he buys out other people's leases. Gets fabulous cars for really good rates. I can ask him about it if you want. Why he needs to save so much money on cars, I don't know, because he's the one who is pretty wealthy. Right now he drives a Mercedes (I think it's an e-class souped up version) and picked it up from someone who had a little over a year left on the lease.

6 Re: I have a auto question on Wed Oct 15, 2014 1:15 pm


oh yes that would be great..thanks.

7 Re: I have a auto question on Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:50 pm


Barb, this is what he sent me: There were two.. I have used there is another associated with autotrader magazine. Both are nationwide.

I knows he gets great deals on fabulous cars from them.

8 Re: I have a auto question on Fri Oct 17, 2014 7:56 pm


thank you for the info..

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