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" Can You Be Without This?"

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1 " Can You Be Without This?" on Mon Jul 28, 2014 11:26 pm


Just wondering, and sitting here; listing in my mind things I could not be without.

For starters, The Computer and ( internet )...
Not for just email and browsing.
I have to have it for research on items, on learning or looking up certain items that fascinate me; such as tombs of kings or geographical areas of the earth.

I check my banking and spending ; I order items that I would normally spend gas and my time looking for certain things for like repairs, or additions to my and Tina's cooking items.

I can be a smarter shopper, and review items to find the best buy for the dollar.

Another thing I cannot be without, is something (other than music or tv) in my bedroom, that makes noise. I have to have, either a fan or the air conditioning noise in order to sleep. They call it White Noise.
If there is not enough noise from the fan, I turn on the radio, and tune in the FM band at the end of the tuning band, and there is a satellite communication like noise of scratchy and pulsing sounds. That will put me to sleep.

Tina, on the other hand Has TO Have a TV playing all day and all night; and even when sleeping. If I turn off the TV or even Lower the Volume...she will wake up, and all totally _ _ ssed off to no end! .... LOL...

I can do without breakfast, but I MUST HAVE a cup of regular coffee within 5 minutes of waking up. It used to be imediately after waking up, but now, I take my pills with water, and then make my coffee. Smile 

SOOooo!!! Anyone else out there, have something that they cannot be without?
It could be anything. That great beverage? That treat? etc.

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