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My day!! ^&*()!!!

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1 My day!! ^&*()!!! on Sun May 19, 2013 7:53 pm


[size=12]ns Ms]What a Day I have had!!
It started out ok
But by this afternoon it went downhill fast! Sad

It started out with me getting a phishing scam on my laptop..stupid me, at 5:45am, clicked on it and got phished!! Could not open facebook at all!! spent all morning dealing with it and part of the afternoon. Finally think I got rid of it!! Yikes!! I never, ever do stupid stuff with this computer..learned my lesson years ago!!

So I did my vacuuming, picking up, cleaning Artie's (my cat)litter box. I gave him a new one, which he has been getting used to this week, by sleeping in it. He promptly used it before it was in place!!!
Went to get comfy on my bed with the laptop. It was chilly in my bedroom, cool sea breeze coming in. I was airing out the apartment.
I put my feet up, bedspread was chilly~then I realized it was wet- and it stunk!!
Artie peed on my bed!! what a stench!! Evil or Very Mad
He is a neutered 9 yr old male, sweet cat.
I ripped off the bedspread/quilt; and then I investigated..feet felt wet, carpet.. then I got on my hands and knees to sniff...yuk! Twisted Evil
There was pee on my bedskirt, and on the carpet-both sides of bed!!!!
I have been washing my bedspread/quilt sheets, skirt in Natures Miracle and Tide. The carpet has been doused with NM and has towels and rags on top of it, until it dries.

I put his old litter box on the side of my bed.
He has used the new box twice already so he is accepting it. I do not know why this happened...Artie is a very clean cat..
and after I found all this &**((@@, all Artie wanted to do was play! and run!!

This was when I was on my last load of my own laundry!!
I even had to wash the floor where I placed the stinky quilt! Mad

It is now 6:45pm and I am still drying my blanket!

Artie is hiding under the top sheet (cleaned), and hiding...

I hope he is not sick...thinking a Vet trip is in order. But it has to wait until Tuesday..hopefully no more accident..there is nothing anywhere else in the house..just my bed and around it!!!!
He never did this..even when I first brought him home, a year ago..His bum does stink though...and I wiped him with a baby wipe....sigh blood tests, and a urinalysis for him....sigh..... Sad

2 Re: My day!! ^&*()!!! on Sun May 19, 2013 8:04 pm


I'd wrap him in duct tape and put him in a box....


But it takes a strong stomach to be a "crazy cat lady", that's for sure.

If a dog has an accident in the house it stinks, but it's nothing compared to a cat...

If what you have doesn't get rid of the stink there are other products sold that do a pretty good job - check at a pet store ~ they probably have an entire section of the store for clean-up products.

3 Re: My day!! ^&*()!!! on Sun May 19, 2013 8:05 pm


I have female Calico. she is over 10. She has done that too. Only once tho.But she has backed up to the sliding door & sprayed. Vet said she is either marking her spot or she may have crystals in her urine. She did have crystals.Had to take her off dry food. make sure she gets thirsty so she will drink.Have not had any problem since.

Now my 2 other problem 'girls' OH man.They are paper trained but they both hit the paper on the corner lol.Those wet mops are put to use every day.i also go through so much baking soda & vinegar.I buy it by the gallon.

4 Re: My day!! ^&*()!!! on Sun May 19, 2013 8:12 pm


Barbara101 wrote:i also go through so much baking soda & vinegar.I buy it by the gallon.

They sell baking soda by the 5 lb. container at Sam's Club.

Off Brand white vinegar in gallon jugs is fairly inexpensive and works for cleaning lots of stuff. I use it in my laundry all the time - cuts odors and breaks down the excess soap if anyone has done laundry and not paid attention to the amount of soap used.

Any "vinegar" smell goes away when the material dries.

5 Re: My day!! ^&*()!!! on Sun May 19, 2013 8:23 pm


I buy 3 things to clean with. Baking soda. Vinegar .. bleach. It cleans carpets. floors stove top,mirrors,windows, you name it.I keep it in bathrooms & the kitchen/laundry room..

they have books written on 1000ways to use

hey it even kills weeds. cheers

6 Re: My day!! ^&*()!!! on Mon May 20, 2013 6:42 am


Artie seems ok today and last night. He did not sleep with me. He has not used the extra box and just looks at it and then me..
I cannot use Vinegar and Bleach in this place..Not mixing them together..Just plain ole V and B bothers my asthma..It lingers so much in this apartment and the fumes----choke me.
I use stuff from the pet store. Highly recommended but expensive. It does have a bit of a smell but it does dissipate soon.
I have to call the Vet.. I want Artie to get checked out. There is a reason for this to have happened..sigh

7 Re: My day!! ^&*()!!! on Mon May 20, 2013 8:04 am


goodness, Cyn ~ NEVER consider mixing cleaning supplies....PLEASE!

But I suspect Artie will be just fine. Could be he just got mad about something or heard another cat outside and wanted to be sure his area was marked as his.

But if you'd feel better taking him to the vet, then make an appt.

Bet he's fine.

Cat's are silly creatures sometimes.

8 Re: My day!! ^&*()!!! on Mon May 20, 2013 8:14 am


that is what happened with mine she was upset about the kitten that was hanging around my house. She was marking her territory. bet artie doesn't like the new litter. i have not had that issue she goes outside for the most part.But when I have had other cats they are fussy fussy about the litter.

I tell ya I would be lost without my vinegar & baking soda lol

Bleach I only use in the bathroom & for what it used for..
I certainly do not mix bleach with anything.

9 Re: My day!! ^&*()!!! on Mon May 20, 2013 7:35 pm


Beth- I NEVER mix cleaning solutions!! My Dad was a school custodian and I learned that from him years ago!!!

Barbara, Artie is using the same litter he has had for at least 6 months now. He is using the new litter box and not the extra, old one in my bedroom.

I live on the second floor of an apartment building. He really can only see the ground when he sits on the windowsill or his tower.
I thought that something may have spooked him, but nothing happened that I noticed. I could say that maybe he had to go real bad and his litter box was not he went on the bed.
But the other 2 spots? makes me wonder and the bedskirt?

Well, he is going to see the Vet Tuesday afternoon. This morning, he ate good..but was mopey. He hid in a brown paper bag which I put on the floor for him. He usually follows me everywhere.
He was sleeping when I came home from work. I had to wake him up!!

Watch! Everything will be fine after me spending, again, more megabucks on him!! He gets better medical care than me!!

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