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My neice on Today Show

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26 Re: My neice on Today Show on Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:38 pm


Barbara101 wrote:
UNCLE JIMMY wrote:God Bless her... She's a beautiful Girl.

I have to watch the show....Tina saved it on the recorder

Lucky you lol I was not told it was in the last few minutes. I watched those  2 nut jobs. affraid affraid At least that Matt was not on..

She is a beauty..Thank you. flower 

I just watched your neice on the recorder.
God Bless Tina...she said all I had to do is fast forward the recorder, and I could eliminate all the commercials. WOW... that show has hundreds of commercials.

Nice pink jersey she had on.... that was a good clue to stop the fast forward to find the sequel .....

That Al Roker does the weather, and dances around nervously like he has a load of xxit in his pants... Boy if anyone needs Prozac it's him.
He lost a lot of weight too you know! A few years back.

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