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Been watching too much Hoarders

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1 Been watching too much Hoarders on Tue May 13, 2014 12:43 pm


They had Hoarders on all day yesterday and I guess I overdosed because I started to freak out at all of our roomie's boxes and crap all over the place. I told my husband I was moving out. There is no space for me now. I have to sleep on the den couch because my DH snores and twitches and has restless leg syndrome and I can't sleep in the same room with him. I lost my closet and bed to our roomie and I have put 10 pounds of stuff in a five pound bag. I have to unload cupboards and closets to get to other things. I can't stand it. I may have to do a major purge of my own things before I lose my sanity. It's not that I am clean, it is just that I can't stand crowded closets, rooms etc. I lost my paper towel storage but I found an idea that uses a shoe bag to store them. We are going to hang one on our laundry room wall. What do I do with all those cleaning products that I only use once every three years? Toss them? Keep them. I think I need a professional organizer. I am at my wits end.

2 Re: Been watching too much Hoarders on Tue May 13, 2014 1:41 pm


well I do not have a solution but I do know what you going through.I moved from a BIG  3 bedroom 3 bath house.I had 3 walk in closets.I had a big linen closet.I had a big pantry. Nice big foyer.Nice big front porch. Huge screen & glassed in back porch.Eat in kitchen plus a dining room.Huge huge electric in solid workshop building.another nice metal shed. Covered carport & then a covered open garage..Lots of space..
To 900sq ft.Duplex.with nothing.No space whatsoever. affraid No eat in,no walkins,no pantry,no linen closet,no shed.small kitchen,small bedroom.And the bathroom omg sit on the can & left arm can turn on the sink water. Right hand /arm can turn on the shower/tub lol.
no nice big tub.Heck I have no place to store my 2 shampooers & vacuum.

I can NOT stand anyone to be in this house.The boys are so big now they take up all the room in the house lol.I have no interest in entertaining.Yet I have kept all my stuff to do so. Loads of everything you can imagine.

I like living alone.I like my privacy.I can do whatever the hell I want,when I want.That would drive me nuts to have someone in my house.

I would suggest for your own sane life to maybe have her move not you.......

3 Re: Been watching too much Hoarders on Tue May 13, 2014 2:25 pm


I feel like I have a teenager in the house. Her bathroom and bedroom are awful. I stopped going in to her room because I am afraid I am going to trip on something and absolutely throw a tantrum. There is fur and cat sand all over the room. She never vacuums. Thank goodness we had the foresight to lay a tarp over the carpet. I can't even imagine what it would look like or smell like. My DH and I did move most of her boxes outside last night. This weekend we are going to put together and 8 by 10 shed for her things. Still doesn't solve my problem though. I guess I will go through my things and have a garage sale. Something has got to go.

4 Re: Been watching too much Hoarders on Tue May 13, 2014 2:29 pm


I had a three bathroom house and four bedrooms when I retired and decided to downsize. I was living alone and didn't need the big house or house payments so I moved to a two bedroom one bathroom house. The next day I was in the hospital and they called my son in Seattle and said I had kidney failure, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and possibly an aneurysm (that turned out to be a tumor) plus a couple other things I don't remember. Oh yes an allergic reaction to statins. They told him I had less than a 50/50 chance of making it. He took a leave of absence and came down to possibly make arrangements for my funeral. That was 12 years ago. He decided to stay, met a girl to whom he is engaged and soon I needed a bigger house. Now I have three bathrooms and four bedrooms again. I guess I may do it all over again when they get married and (if) they move out.

As soon as I moved to the smaller house, by the way, property taxes went sky high in my small town and soon I was paying more mortgage than I had been on my bigger house.

5 Re: Been watching too much Hoarders on Tue May 13, 2014 3:30 pm


Seems like no matter what you do, you can't win.

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