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Hate Hate to put up with this...

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1 Hate Hate to put up with this... on Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:37 am



yesterday ,must have been no school.Puppers are barking like crazy. I look out hear all the noise...Must have been 7 or more kids in my driveway with the trash can from next door ( I have none yet lol)They put a smaller kid in the can & was kicking the devil out of it.   

Had to lock the dogs up then go out & yell at them.Just then the gal comes home & she yells at them.. They move on. Till I hear it again.I look out & they just move down the block & are doing it again 4 houses down..  

so glad I will be getting a gate & I can lock up my trash can & my courtyard to be.

2 Re: Hate Hate to put up with this... on Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:17 am


and that is why I live in The Villages. We don't have kids. OK, so we pay a premium for it, but it is definitely one of the reasons I said I'd move here.

3 Re: Hate Hate to put up with this... on Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:32 pm


We have some teenagers down the block who have a Harley and motorized skateboards. They blow that Harley up and down the street and the cats hide under the bed. The skateboards aren't as bad but back-and-forth all day long. What can get really bad is the street directly below my house. I live on a hillside which overlooks a creek and next to that is a major street. On the weekends hundreds of Harleys drive down the street on their way to a roadhouse. When you have a group of 50 it gets pretty loud. Could be worse though and it was before the marine base closed. The hotshot fighter pilots would fly low straight down that street, so low it seemed as if they were at my eye level. The house would shake, rattle and roll and I would be panicked wondering if I should run out the front or the back convinced a jet was about to crash into the house.

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