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Just ask.You will be surprised.

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1 Just ask.You will be surprised. on Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:16 pm


and you shall receive.Called my landlord this morning,someone took my trash can & the gal next doors. I mean who steals trash cans??? Anyway he said just call the trash while chatting I asked him who & do I call for a patio . And or a gate & fence for the front to make a courtyard.He said me.. lol. so I am getting a patio &a courtyard..  

Hot as hell out there but It will be nicer when it is not summer.I need to get some maintenance free shrubs/plants.My back has done me in for gardening. Last year I did not even put in pots of flowers.

I am going to get a new table just for my umbrella,the one I have will not work.Can not sit out there to hot   but when I cook on my new grill I will have some shade..


2 Re: Just ask.You will be surprised. on Fri Mar 14, 2014 5:30 pm


That's super, B.

I hate to see you not being able to garden. I enjoy it so much (and now with Brian getting into it, it's even better). Maybe once you have a patio or a courtyard, you might think about getting a big raised planter you can garden in. Some of them are really super now.

We were going to the garden center (we go to a local small mom-and-pop for plants but to Home Depot for the other stuff) today but then Brian had a former friend call to say he was "in the 'hood" so we put it off. Supposed to be a rainy weekend but I think it will be later in the day. We've got to go vote in a local election tomorrow so I hope we can kill two birds with one stone and go to pick up our tomato plants and some herb plants. We'll likely get them in the ground by Monday. We were going to plant earlier this year but we ended up getting a lot of cold weather (not freezing but too cold for new transplants). It always works out for us if we have the tomatoes in by mid-March so we'll have a long enough bloom-to-fruit time before it gets to hot here. We're really looking forward to the summer garden (though I hate to pull up the lettuce in the raised garden we have, which is where we're going to put the tomato plants). It's okay, though, as it will be too hot for the lettuce any week now...

3 Re: Just ask.You will be surprised. on Fri Mar 14, 2014 6:39 pm


Dane & I went to Sam's Club for a couple big patio pots to put tomatoes in. They must be about 10 gallon each - plastic to be light enough to handle and they were only $19.99 each, a HUGE difference from the prices at Home Depot & Lowe's. We stopped at Home Depot and got one hybrid patio tomato and one grape tomato plant. That should do us for the year. I just want a little bit of gardening and "real" tomatoes to eat.

I've got a few more pea pods trying to grow but I don't think I'll be getting a huge crop anymore. However, after I cut off all the lettuce it's time to harvest that again. Amazing what a little watering will do for a crop. I think we'll have wilted lettuce tomorrow night. That's always a favorite.

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