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This might be a issue

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1 This might be a issue on Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:24 am



Ice storm here again. It is raining.

I grilled last night & my little propane went poof.
Put on a new one..Poof . would not light.

So I may have left them outside in below freezing & now the don't work???? IDK..
I can't go out with the ice covered buy fresh ones.
I can not charcoal .. It is raining..  

Unless I do it under the covered patio & IDK about that???

Took out a frozen chicken, It may not thaw out in time to roast it IF my power goes out.

I boiled some eggs for egg salad.Of coarse I have no tuna..
OF coarse I have no crackers.I do have bread & rolls.

Man If my powers goes out   

2 Re: This might be a issue on Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:31 am


Suggestions....bring the propane canisters inside to warm up. That should help to get them going again.

And, yes, you can safely use charcoal under cover of the patio....just not in an enclosed area, like the kitchen. So get that grill pulled in where you can get to it. You can also use the gas grill there, too, without killing yourself.

Bake up some biscuits before you loose power - do you have stuff to make sausage gravy? Got any soup you could put in a skillet on the grill? Oh, hey, how about making some chicken to make chicken salad? Check out that freezer before you aren't allowed to open it when the power is gone.

3 Re: This might be a issue on Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:49 am


I thought about bringing them in. not the grills lol the little tanks.I have a chicken thawing but it is still frozen.I have a small patio & it is covered. so I may put the small charcoal grill out of the rain..I have never lit it under cover.Only in the yard.
If either of them will work I will be ok.I have stuff to cook.

I am surprised that propane is not working. Don't you leave that hooked up all the time.You had lots of cold weather below freezing.

4 Re: This might be a issue on Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:57 am


Yeah, Barb, I can remember bringing / storing a big propane tank in our utility room.....not as warm as the house, but not below 50° in the worst of winter weather. If we had the sense to remember to wheel the big grill into the enclosed porch (not air tight, by any means) before the patio was covered with 18" of snow, I could always cook on it. I didn't grill meats because I didn't want smoke/grease on the inside of the storm windows, but I certainly put pots on the grids and could use a griddle. The side burner stopped working long before I ever really needed it....of course!

As long as you have air flow, fresh're safe to cook under cover with them.

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