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Ghezz.Not me .

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1 Ghezz.Not me . on Sat Nov 02, 2013 7:49 am



WHO would pay almost $500. for a pot to cook in  

Heck For $100 more you could buy a stove/range.Or even $500.

I am thinking a person who would spend that most likely does not even cook lol

2 Re: Ghezz.Not me . on Sat Nov 02, 2013 10:45 am


Well, I wouldn't pay $350 for a "special edition" of anything but my larger Le Creuset pot costs over $200 when I bought it. Well, my poor husband bought that pot and a smaller Le Creuset pot for me one birthday. He worked downtown and thought he'd walk over to a department store and get those pots for me, as he knew I wanted them. Then he tried to walk back and got a couple of blocks and called a co-worker to come and pick him up -- he didn't realize how heavy they were!

They last forever and now I also have the full set of Le Creuset pots that I'd given to my mom on Mother's Day many, many years ago. Mine are white and hers are that harvest orange color. She gave them to me once she was on her own and didn't cook in that quantity anymore -- I think the bigger ones were probably too heavy for her, too (she was 5'1" standing on her tiptoes, whereas I'm 5'8" and have a 6'4" husband to help me move anything heavy)!

3 Re: Ghezz.Not me . on Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:07 pm


I wouldn't buy it but some bored, rich person probably will.

4 Re: Ghezz.Not me . on Thu Nov 07, 2013 5:25 pm


My best friend Linda can't cook -- and doesn't cook. If she tried to boil water, she'd probably call me to help her out.

I don't go to her house very often as she lives on the northshore of Lake Pontchartrain, about 40 miles away. After Hurricane Isaac in September 2012, lots of us didn't have power for over a week (and it was hot as HELL). Linda got power first so we went over there as we were truly miserable.

She's got a pretty big home and there were boxes and boxes of things all over the place (literally) that she'd ordered from the shopping channel, something I don't watch. Most of the items were either for cooking or serving, too. She said when she's nervous or stressed, she orders things, sometimes two or three of the same thing. She was laughing as I looked around (most were still in the shipping boxes, with perhaps one of each opened), as I kept telling her "you could give me this for a Christmas present so it doesn't go to waste."

When I went into Linda's kitchen, I was stunned as there sat a Vitamix on her island. My eyes bugged out of my head, and I asked, "Did you pay $600 for this?" to which she admitted. She said a couple of pieces were misplaced after the cleaning lady came so she planned to move it to her pantry. When I opened her pantry, she had about 5 other expensive blenders in there on shelves.

Finally, I had to ask. "Why in God's name do you buy so much cooking equipment when you don't cook?" Her response? "Well, I always thought if I did cook, I'd be really good at it." I laughed so hard I had to bend over as did she. Go figure.

She often has yard sales to get rid of "stuff" (she has a store in the French Quarter and often sells brand new tagged clothing as well as stuff she's accumulsted) so I told her plainly not to dare think of selling any of that cooking stuff until she let me come over first and buy what I wanted before she sold it for pennies on the dollar.

So I'll bet Linda would buy something like that!

5 Re: Ghezz.Not me . on Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:47 pm


Ah, a perfect example of people who have more money than "SENSE" (cents)......

Oh, but if the rest of us poor folks could be so fortunate......

6 Re: Ghezz.Not me . on Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:56 pm


^^^^^ agree.I had a friend like that,she died last year & what her dd found in her house was a shock.She was a shopper with a huge problem.shopaholic.

she bought anything & either hide it or returned it ..she had clothes with the tags on stuffed everywhere in her house .the trunk of her car,the garage the attic.even in the kitchen.she had her own bills hidden from her husband ,he had no idea.

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