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Pumpkin Molasses Cookies @Mennonite Girls Can Cook

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Okay here's the link from Mennonite Girls Can Cook and I'm trying these over the weekend. You can use Steen's cane syrup, Lyle's Golden or Treacle Syrup or Sorghum instead of molasses with varying degrees of flavor. Pumpkin Molasses Cookies is a new combo for me.


Copies and saved.


Oh, man, NOW you've gone and got me thinking of fall cookies, muffins, cakes, pies......

I watched Ina do a heavily spiced ginger cookie, full of chopped candied ginger, recently....they sound similar to your recipe.

Just the right type to have with a cup of tea mid-morning....Thanks!


You could add the ginger to these and I usually add extra spice when I'm making this type of cookie. I went to the egg farm and meat market today and in the same bldg. as the eggs, there's a little store that sells stuff in bulk or in small quantities that they bag up. Everything from baking needs to candy, macaroni, nuts, fresh nut butters. I got some sparkling autumn sugar to use on these cookies -- gold/orange mix. They asked for the recipe to give out there by the sugar display.

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