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I have labored enough today

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1 I have labored enough today on Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:40 pm


I do not even want to look at any more food.

I went out to the mailbox & darn near passed out. So stinking hot   bet it will be 105 ` 

Someone other then me will grilling burgers thats for sure. 

2 Re: I have labored enough today on Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:23 pm


DD was determined to empty out the last of the storage closets this weekend....and waited until today to do them. All the old baby/children's toys, games and books are put together for donation. All the clothes and coats and blankets are put out on racks, covered well so they can be picked up by Salvation Army or Easter Seals or whoever it is I called...ended up with 21 winter coats and about 150 articles of clothing...I hope it all goes to a worthy cause and won't end up as rag rugs for sale for a huge price. I only put in things I thought were in good repair and not dirty or worn. I hate when I see people donate trash....makes me angry.

In the way, WAY back of the closet I found a black velvet maxi coat, one I wore, then DD wore it to her proms and now it is going to DD's so our granddaughter can wear it in a few years. It's one of those classic items that is STILL amazing....very heavy black velvet with a shocking hot pink satin lining. I bought it when I was just a spit of a tiny thing, picked it up for probably $10 at a consignment shop and was pleased as punch when DD loved it as much as I did and wanted to wear it. Some things never go out of style and last because of the quality of workmanship.

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