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Cleaning out the freezer

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1 Cleaning out the freezer on Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:21 am


Since I'll be leaving in September I'm trying to use up all the stored product in the big upright freezer. Today I'm going to make a big pot of chicken stock from what's available.

DD will use chicken stock stored in 8 oz containers but she won't take the time to thaw and cook the chicken pieces, preferring to buy fresh when she wants to cook a meal....although that's not a normal thing for her to do. Apparently only the first daughter got the cooking gene as part of her DNA.

After I'm out of here, if she decides to use the freezer and not just unplug it and open the door, it will mainly be used for storage of the $1 mini meals, ice cream and maybe a couple loaves of bread.

2 Re: Cleaning out the freezer on Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:35 pm


So I had one bone-in breast and 3 thighs. Glad I didn't have more because a small Dutch oven is the largest pot DD more chicken would have

When the breast was cooked enough that the meat would pull off the bone I took it out to reserve for cold chicken sandwiches for lunch today. The thighs cooked another hour or so before I pulled the meat from them to go into a jar and covered with stock to be soup meat. It wasn't cooked so much that all the flavor was gone.

Now all the bones, skin and vegetables are still in the pot, and I added a box of stock since there was now room in the pot. I'll let it simmer until the bones are falling apart. At that point I'll strain the stock, let it cool down and put into the refrigerator so I can defeat tomorrow. Then I'll portion it into 8 oz. containers, mark them with content & date and stash in the freezer.

There aren't many things DD will readily cook, but chicken soup with store bought noodles is one she will make.

3 Re: Cleaning out the freezer on Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:31 pm


When I open the large Gibson Commercial freezer downstairs, and the bargain Bacon packages come sliding out, and I am playing like octopus with imaginary 8 hands shoving it back in, well that means time for a defrost and clean out.

I like organization in the freezer...but... Oh well no need go further. I found a big box in there, and I pull it out, so low and behold....there was one Gino's Lemon Ice in the huge box. Grrrrrrr!!
Bags and bags of bananas. It was if Tina was saving them for Monkey treats if we were to have visiting monkey day here from the zoo!.

Maybe tomorrow I will attempt to defrost and straighten it out.
The turkey buzzards will be happy!

4 Re: Cleaning out the freezer on Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:49 pm


Well save some of those bananas and make a few loaves of that banana bread....the recipe with the sour cream...

I'm sure it's on the other forum, I think it was one posted by Jillian. It is the absolute best banana bread recipe ever. It's not difficult and you could make some in loafs and some in muffins....and then store THOSE in the freezer instead of just the bananas! LOL

5 Re: Cleaning out the freezer on Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:25 am


large Gibson Commercial freezer

I bought one those, in avocado green. way back in the day.1986ish..I sold my first little of Yorkies & with the money I bought that.

My bet that recipe is INA'S  

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