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A Bedroom Redecorating Project

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1 A Bedroom Redecorating Project on Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:06 am


As I've mentioned before, you all know our daughter and grandson have moved into our house here in Ohio and will be leasing it from us when Dane and I retire to our villa in The Villages, Florida.  

The bedroom our grandson will be using was last redecorated and painted in about 1988 and was our oldest daughter's refuge through college.  The carpet was originally a very light cream (what were we thinking allowing her THAT choice?) and ended as a dust filled beige when we pulled it out in strips.  It's amazing how much fine dust works its way through the carpet and padding and can be swept into giant dunes when the carpeting gets removed!

The walls were white and pink heart and flower print wallpaper had been applied to the lower walls....what fun to have to rid the room of that!

But it is now a "boy blue" and we are awaiting the flooring guy to come and install easy to dust laminate flooring on Tuesday.  Then we can get his furniture moved in and out of the garages as we want to get other things moved out of the house in anticipation of the auctioneers doing inventory for the sale in a week or so.  

I just want to get a place for Jake to call his own instead of camping on my sofa or at the end of his mom's king size bed.  If we ha known ahead of time they were moving in...well, I'm not going there.....KIDS!  Parenting does NOT stop when they turn 18, that's for sure.

Today Dane will install the ceiling fan and light.  This is the 6th fan he's installed this year....4 in the villa in May, then one in DD's bedroom and now the last one.  He laughs because some of the fans have noted on the box they are "5 minute" fans or "15 minute" installation.  He's no slouch when it comes to such jobs and all have taken about 30 minutes to install.  I'm just happy he's such a handy hubby.

2 Re: A Bedroom Redecorating Project on Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:54 pm


The flooring guys did the laminate yesterday ....I'm not happy. Too much space in places that wont cover with base molding - which I expected them to reinstall. DD#2 is to call her friend at the flooring place and have them return to complete to my satisfaction.

3 Re: A Bedroom Redecorating Project on Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:05 am


The three of us spent the entire day yesterday painting and working in the GS's bedroom. Dane removed the two sets of windows so Robin and I could paint them and then he trimmed out the smaller window that has a stained glass window he made for me many years ago. The old trim was a sort if rustic bar siding look, popular (to his way of thinking) 35 years ago when he first remodeled the room and installed drywall, etc. I was never a fan but somehow you learn to overlook those decorating differences when all you want is for the project to be complete. Well, NOW I wanted the windows trimmed in white woodwork to match all the other windows in the house. And my butterfly stained glass window looks AMAZING !!! I couldn't be happier with the end result.

It seems sad, though, that I've waited 35 years to see my window trimmed out so nicely. But maybe the next family who lives in this house will love all the stained glass as much as I have.

4 Re: A Bedroom Redecorating Project on Fri Jul 05, 2013 5:35 pm

Imelda HL

I posted a long response this morning and then when I submitted it.. it's gone, the website was on maintenance  Rolling Eyes  I'll try to write it again Wink 

Beth.. I like reading your story in this post, I bet your GS is excited to have his own bedroom.. I remember  a few years ago when we bought our first and only house that we are living in now .. we were on a tight budget, so we did not do much with it, we knew if we started doing the decoration it'd be a lot to do, once we started, we'd find more and more things we want to do.. the only thing I we did was to replace the vinyl of the entry, kitchen and bathrooms floor.. I suggested it... I was so tired of the vinyl floor in apartments where we lived for 8 years.. the house came with brand new carpet, (light cream color like you mentioned above) and fresh new painted walls, white color too.. to save some bucks we tried to pull off the vinyl ourselves as we saw in the price list provided from the stores, we had to pay extra to peel off the vinyl, another extra for dumping them.. we spent a whole day only to successfully scrub off a 4x6 entry, it was a hard scrubbing job, so we gave up, we hired a guy to install our tiles, he laid the tiles on the vinyl, no need to peel it off Shocked ... anyway.. we are happy with our tiles floors Very Happy  I wanted to replace my kitchen counter too, I like a granite counter, but after I knew how much it'd cost us.. I have to let it go.. maybe someday I'll get my dream kitchen, who knows

5 Re: A Bedroom Redecorating Project on Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:46 pm


Oh, Imelda, I know what you mean....always something to do and seldom the $$ to do it.

This house has been worked on practically constantly for the 38 years we've lived here. It's always one thing or another in need of attention.

When we gutted the downstairs I had to live for 3 1/2 years with wall studs, insulation, and loose sub floor balanced o n the floor joists as Dane spent weeks digging out the too shallow crawlspace. Finally he got in a place where he wasn't sure how to finish the remodeling and I called a carpenter friend of ours and asked him to just get it finished. Amazingly, Dane was relieved to turn the project over to someone with more finish carpentry experience than he had. During all that long ordeal we were "living" in the bedroom we just redecorated and the dining room and kitchen, such as it was. I can remember having to cook in the microwave and in an electric skillet on the bathroom counter, as well as wash dishes in the bathroom sink for a time. NO MORE! I will never attempt to live through another renovation...NEVER! LOL

Jake is very happy to have his bed up in his bedroom now. He's at his dad's this weekend so when he gets back on Sunday night he'll hopefully have his dressers and bookshelves, etc. all in place. I can hardly wait to remind him he is expected to make his bed....hahahahaha, (Mean grandma)

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