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Birthday on the fly....

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1 Birthday on the fly.... on Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:43 am


Today the GS turns 10 !  I wanted to make a small cake to celebrate because desserts aren't high on his list of favorites.  This kid is tough... But he's getting a box cake with canned frosting and he'll just like the fact his name is written on the top.

Some how I need to get to the store because I don't have any broccoli and that's his favorite vegetable.  He wants Salisbury steak with gravy, mashed potatoes and broccoli.  That's been his favorite meal since he was tiny.

2 Re: Birthday on the fly.... on Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:01 pm


my DD still to this day wants stuffed cabbage for her bDay dinner.with Banana Pudding. no cake.

 now my DS wants lobster more lobster then a side of filet mignon.with other seafood thrown in.

he is not much for sweets but will eat a whole package of Ben & Jerrys anything in a flash.

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