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February 2018; What's for Breakfast? / Lunch ? / Brunch?

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My mother made broiled grapefruit for herself all the time. Me? Not a fan. But I would often make it for her, using the rounded serrated 'grapefruit' knife to loosen the flesh from the peel and then using a paring knife to cut between the membranes. Brown sugar on top and under the broiler it went.

On Mother's Day I would put a cherry in the center.......

(always the foodie, I guess! LOL)

Niagara Visitor

I have also added grapefruit sections to something like a fruit crumble and people are generally very pleasantly surprised.


Breakfast 02.19.2018....
I made two fried eggs over easy with a super amount of fresh crushed black pepper flaked. Oh so aromatic.. I love it!
The neighbor brought over some onion rolls, and I lightly toasted them and buttered them. They went down so fast, I almost was going to make a trade of either another egg,
only if I give up a doughnut, or just go for the doughnut? I ran into the bedroom, and looked at myself in the dresser mirror, and after a jolly belly laugh......hahahahahaha

The doughnut was the decision .......

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