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January 2018,...Whats for Breakfast / Lunch / Brunch ??

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Niagara Visitor

Than ks for your kind words. Yes, the fact that I ask for volunteers brings them out. I like to think that I am a good neighbour. I also have great neighbours. I think most times you get back what you give.


Breakfast started as a cup of coffee......then, a scrambled egg beaters with a slice of Swiss cheese melted on top; all on an English toasted muffin.
Swiss cheese is so good melted. As it is chewed, it has a slight bite to it. Oh So Good!

Niagara Visitor

Brunch yesterday was a resounding success.......... More people signed up than we expected, so at the last minute (well the last night before) I decided that we needed more food. No time to corral someone else, so I made two dishes using small potatoes. I knew there were going to be lots of bread products. I used a mixture of the small spuds, cut them into quarters, one dish was just the potatoes with some EVOO and spiced, the other was the same, but I added chunks of what you 'mericans call "Canadian bacon".

Lots of fun, and the "Help clean up" is catching on. I think the next time we will ask people to bring their own dishes and cutlery to save on garbage. Everyone lives in the building, so bringing dishes down is no problem. We do that for our pot lucks dinners already.

I was exhausted, so I'm going out for breakfast with my sister today.


Congrats on another fun event!

I know how nervous I get when I want to be sure there's enough food....great idea on using potatoes ~ they go a long way to being filling.

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