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it was a Day. Mostly bad but it turned out OK... I guess

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Last night the plan was for Charlie and I to go to Costco.  His 18 year old cat had been put on a kidney support diet but he won't eat it. I have ordered some in another brand but it will be almost a week before it comes so I was going to cook a piece of tuna and a stewing hen to feed him in the meantime.  This morning I find out that a birthday gift I got for him was going to be delivered today.  I figured I needed to be here when it came in case I had to sign for it.  Charlie left to do some errands on his own across town. I drove the the grocery store and got some Coke Zero, a chicken for us ( I already had a stewing hen for the cat in the freezer).

When I got in the car to come home, it wouldn't start so I had to walk home, get the truck and go pick up the groceries.  I cooked the fish sous vide and the stewing hen in the pressure cooker then the chicken for us in the pressure cooker and made dumplings to go with them. I made a little extra gravy in case the cat might like it mixed with some of his food.

When Charlie got home, we jump started the car and I took it on the highway for about 20 minutes.  When I stopped at the off ramp it died and would not start again.  Some people helped me push it onto the road and left. I nearly got hit a couple times sitting there so I pushed it further along until a couple others helped me push it until I coasted down a hill and pulled into a parking lot.  I called Charlie and he came and we jumped it again and in a few minutes it died at the next stop light.  We jumped it again with traffic whizzing around us and I pulled into a Quick Stop parking lot and as soon as i did, it died again.

By chance there was a tow truck sitting there but he said he had just been given a job and had to leave but he would call and see if anyone else was available. He asked where we wanted to go, then said he could take us because it was on his way.  We wanted to drop it off at the Ford dealer.  That took up the whole day.  The cat likes the tuna by the way.

The chicken and dumplings were good too.


The only thing missing from your day was a sleet storm......

But thank heavens for cell phones. You could have been sitting at the curb for hours without Charlie knowing you were in need of help. Or, if you had your 'bag phone' hooked up to the car, the battery might have gone dead on it and then you'd be there 'holding the bag', so to speak. LOL

I hate automotive problems ~ and with a 2006 Pontiac G6 Convertible (*with a broken top thanks to a certain 'someone' who shall remain nameless here) the older a car gets, the more often the 'check engine' light comes on. If Mr. Amazing cannot determine what the problem is and fix it then it costs an average of $100/pop to have it hooked up to the darn shop computer thingy to find out what needs attention.


I left my cell phone at home when it died the first time but it is only a mile walk home. I suspect that it needs a new alternator. I am tempted to take off the rear view mirror and back a new car up to it.

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