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Great news about Niagara Visitor!

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1 Great news about Niagara Visitor! on Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:08 pm


I've been meaning to email Lori (a/k/a Niagara Visitor) for months, as I missed her and was worried about her.  I've been so busy and haven't been logging in half as often as I used to and so I hadn't gotten around to it.

Well, when Bugster brought her up the other day and Beth replied that she had no way of contacting her, I got off my butt and emailed her!  It took a couple of days as she had a new email address and I guess the old ones got routed to her but I got a response this evening.  It wasn't directly from Lore, though, but showed a new email address, which I copied.  Too nervous to click on the link in case a virus initiated that message so I just sent another email to the new email address the message provided.

Well, it was indeed Lori, she replied, and she told me she'd gotten a new computer and in the process, had lost the link to Cooking Friends.  So I sent her the link and I can we can expect to hear from her any day now! Just in time for us to wish her a happy birthday, which I just noticed is on June 11, this coming Sunday!

I'm really glad as Lori was always one of my favorite contributors.  Remember that beautiful table her sons made her from a tree on her and Dieter's property they sold?  Well, that was when I got her email address as I wanted to post a pic of the table for all to see.  As it turned out, I forgot how the heck I used to use Photobucket so someone else posted the pic, but I still had her email address.

I hope everyone gives her a big welcome back when she's able to show up again!

--Michelle   cheers cheers cheers

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