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Regarding Condiments

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1 Regarding Condiments on Fri Aug 19, 2016 3:43 am


When it comes to condiments, do you buy the brand name, or another store brand because it maybe be on sale or because you think they all taste the same?

For me, it doesn't matter when it comes to ketchup.  I feel they all pretty much taste the same, and I buy whatever is on sale, or what ever is cheaper cost-wise.

When it comes to mustard, especially yellow prepared mustard, it doesn't matter what brand I choose, and again, I feel they all pretty much tastes the same, and I buy what's on sale, or which is the cheaper brand. But... when it comes to honey mustard or Dijon mustard, I only buy the brand name such as French's or Grey Poupn, as I think they do taste better than the other brands.

When it comes to barbecue sauce, I prefer Sweet Baby Ray's, but I have been known to also purchase Hunts, KC Masterpiece, and Kraft's Barbecue Sauce, as they are nice and thick and tangy like Sweet Baby Ray's is. Our stores always seem to have the Sweet Baby Ray's on sale more than all the other brands, so I'll stock up on it.

As for salad dressing or mayonnaise, I usually buy Hellmann's, as one of our stores always has an in store coupon for the product (2/$300) several times a month, so that's when I purchase it.  I seldom see Kraft's Mayonnaise on sale anywhere, but when it is I buy it, as I like how it tastes, and I have found it's not as oily as the Hellmann's is.  But... as for Kraft's Miracle Whip Salad Dressing, that's one condiment both my husband and I dislike (taste-wise), and I much prefer the Burman's Salad Dressing which I purchase at the Aldi's store.

2 Re: Regarding Condiments on Fri Aug 19, 2016 7:46 pm


Most condiments don't make much difference to us.....ketchup or yellow mustard and we're not fans of Dijon except for maybe using a whole grain mustard and that's usually a 'special' purchase of a German brand. But I only have to purchase that one about once every year or so.

I do, however, use Miracle Whip AND Hellmann's ~ Hellmann's because it's fairly consistent in quality and goes on sale regularly. But I GREW UP on Miracle Whip. My mom used only Miracle Whip so that's what I thought of as mayonnaise. It wasn't until I was married and cooking in my own kitchen that I discovered the difference.

It's the same with rice. Mom only bought and cooked Minute Rice. That's all I knew. Then I tried to make a chicken rice casserole recipe a friend gave me and that's when I discovered there was 'REAL' rice.

I also thought Imperial Margarine was butter.

The list goes on and on......but it was fun learning the differences the hard way!

3 Re: Regarding Condiments on Sat Aug 20, 2016 1:50 am


Same here with us.... Ketchup has to be Heinz and Mustard usually yellow Frenches.
I like Guldens dark mustard. We do have other kinds, but they were the bottles from gift baskets etc.

Mayo was always Hellmans, and it used to be Kraft; up until when they changed the recipe, and it got watery! .... Tina called them up and told them so. They suggested we try it again, and maybe there was a bad run during manufacturing; so she gave Tina two coupons for 1 free jar. or equal Kraft product not to exceed the cost of the mayo.
We don't use BBQ sauce. The kids never liked it. I make my own when we have bbq like drum sticks etc. Honey / ketchup / mustard / lemon juice / pepper / that's it. Just basic.

4 Re: Regarding Condiments on Sat Aug 20, 2016 10:53 am


It HAS to be Heinz ketchup for us, and stored at room temp and not in the fridge.  I hate cold ketchup.

There is no other yellow mustard than French's to us.  We also use Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard and always have Zatarain's Creole Mustard on hand, too.  We're sandwich fans so we usually always have Coleman's Mustard (wish they made a bigger jar!) and Gulden's Mustard on hand as well, and there might be another unusual spicy mustard in there with the others at any time on the door of the fridge.

Mayo HAS to be Hellman's and there's never another brand that joins it.  I haven't had Miracle Whip since I was very young and never missed it (we didn't use it but I think my father bought it when the store was out of Hellman's; he never did that again as no one really cared for it).  It's definitely different from regular mayo so I don't even think of it as mayo.  I really don't have any use for "salad dressing" as I think of it only as a mayo substitute that doesn't taste like mayo!

We used to make our own barbecue sauce all the time but we got lazy.  We will usually buy one type of Sweet Baby Ray's but will also purchase KC Masterpiece if there's only strange "flavors" of Ray's on the shelf.  We still make our own sauce occasionally, depending on what Brian might be grilling or smoking.  

Never used margarine and never used Minute Rice -- I guess 'cause my family didn't either.  I rarely use regular rice anymore, as the Basmati and Jasmine rice not only taste and smell great but they always come out great, whether you make them on the stove or in the microwave.  I still have regular rice on hand, though, in case we run out of the other rice!  When I stuff something like bell peppers, I usually use chunky seasoned bread crumbs made by a local bakery, or fresh (well, stale from fresh!) chunky bread crumbs I've made myself.  Rarely do I make any type of stuffing with rice.  I think most of you make a rice stuffing for bell peppers, cabbage rolls and other things you stuff.  

I have bought some wild rice mixes in a box occasionally that have minute rice in them, though they never cook in a minute or two...  And I've enjoyed Minute Rice when others have used it but we never buy any to use ourselves.  Maybe because rice is such a big thing down here...

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5 Re: Regarding Condiments on Mon Aug 22, 2016 12:38 am


Joe and I can't stand Miracle Whip but Katie likes it. Best Foods is the mayo we like best. Heinz ketchup and French's mustard as standards. We like Pommery whole grain, Maille, Fallot Dijon mustards. Trader Joe's has a garlic mustard aioli that is good. Grey Poupon makes a good country whole grain mustard that is good. Beaver honey mustard is a fave. Gulden's is good.
As for rice, I grew up on Uncle Ben's. I don't really have a favorite rice but I love the boxed white and wild rice and rice pilaf by Rice-A-Roni.

6 Re: Regarding Condiments on Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:39 am


Hey Everyone!

I used to have a refrigerator full of condiments!!

For mustard, Guldens, sometimes French's yellow; Cains relish, Heinz ketchup, Hellmans Light mayo. I used to use Paul Newmans Steak sauce, but since I cannot find it anymore, I switched to Trader Joe's. I rarely eat steak.

For B-B-Q sauce, I am not used to it...My dad, who taught me, a really good way of cooking chicken over charcoal and basting with pure melted butter.. on steaks, chicken.. awesome... the only way to go, as far as I am concerned.. a charcoal grill with melted butter, salt and pepper... childhood memories...

Now that it is just me, I am weaning down the condiments.. and when you are dieting, well.. I am eating salads...

7 Re: Regarding Condiments on Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:46 pm


Hey, Cyn....good to see you!

(I feel your pain ~ my PC is down with the virus so I'm using Lyn's Apple laptop)

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