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I just got a call from BethK @

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1 I just got a call from BethK @ on Sat May 21, 2016 1:55 pm


Not BethK at cooking  It even had her avatar as part of the screen.  When she answered I was surprised at how deep and raspy her voice was.  The she said Hi I'm (somebody) from computer central calling about a problem with your computer.  I hung up on her.  Sorry Beth.


I got a phone call with a robo-voice telling me that the IRS was in the process of getting a suit together to sue me for non-payment.

I promptly hung. It did get my heart racing for a few minutes, and my mind going...'
Stupid telemarketers....what will they think of next...


Thanks for the warning Norm.

That IRS scam has been around for a while. It does give you a turn the first time you hear it.


Gee, Norm, how RUDE someone is trying to be ME!

And, NO, I did not call you. If I call you I'll ask 'What's for supper?' and then you can be sure it's me....if you tell me Macaroni and Cheese and I say, "OK"....then you'll know it's not me. That stuff makes me gag! LOL

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