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Do not download Flashplayer update!

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1 Do not download Flashplayer update! on Sat Feb 27, 2016 9:47 am


At least not until you have read this message.  A little while ago, I could not post anything here, then I got a message that flash player update needed to be updated.  I have a new computer and everything is up to date but clicked without thinking.  Then I got a message that my computer was infected and I needed to download a fix for it.  The message looked like it came from my browser, not Apple and I already had a good security guard so I went to close it and it would not let me leave.  I was locked on to the site.  Fortunately Mac had a force quit feature that lets me leave something even if the site does now want to cooperate.  I checked my computer and it was OK.

My suspicion is the warning I got is a link to the real virus, not a cure.

edit, the top of the page is now displaying something about this plug in has crashed, click here. Update your plugin by clicking here. It clearly has not crashed.  Barb, if you can, get to check out this site for an infection.
This may just be on my computer but if anyone else is seeing it, beware.

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