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Remember the English Muffin Pizza craze????

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1 Remember the English Muffin Pizza craze???? on Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:36 am


I was looking in the corner of the counter between the kitchen and dining room, and there were two packages of Thomas' English Muffins. Tina just picked them up BOGO sale.

Then it hit me. The English Muffin Pizza craze,,,,...oh! I guess in the late 70's, we took the kids to Disney in Florida. Maria was a baby in a crib. OMG what a torcherous trip that was.
Anyway, we took a trip to Fort Pierce to visit people we knew who were snow birds. They had a huge trailer home. That was the first time we had eaten the pizza made with the muffins.

They were good, but that fad didn't last very long. I could go for some now though!

I was wondering if anyone else had them or made them?


yes . I used to make them. I used to use them for burger buns too. Loved loved eggs benny.

I made pizzas not long ago on a pita bun lol. Now I make them on a taco shell,corn tortilla.No white flour and much much much lower in carb and sugar count.

I have used them for sausage egg muffin . years ago, I would put cottage cheese on them. and or a slice of cheese with tuna fish.

LOL last year I toasted a bunch and whizzed them to make crumbs and then rolled chicken breast in it and baked..Great chicken..

Heck I have even made them..

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