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Another, not so good, day

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1 Another, not so good, day on Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:37 pm


I went to the doctor today. She ran an EKG and said it showed irregularities so now I have to see a cardiologist on Monday.
I almost got taken to the bank today by someone posing as a technician from my tech company. They knew I had contacted them yesterday, purchased some antivirus and had it installed. They told me they forgot to activate it and needed control of my computer to do so. That is what they usually do. They futzed around with it for 20 minutes or so and then told me the antivirus was incompatible with my computer. Ok. So they need to refund my money, but need to do it by wire transfer into my account. Why? Because when the company refunds money it has to go through a couple of other companies to do so and it takes a long time and gets lost. Ok. I know that to be true because it happened before. So they tell me they will put up a security screen so I can feel ok about doing it. Ok, ..... I don't like the sound of this but I have done business with them for 5 years. So I go ahead (I could kick myself in the butt) and it shows to increase in my balance. BUT, then they tell me they accidentally put in too much. So, now alarm bells are going off. So they want me to wire back the excess money. Bells still clanging, I ask what is the name and address. They give me a name in China. I tell them "no way in hell, and I am hanging up and calling my bank". I do so. They check my account and there never was any money transferred in. How the hell did they show it had been to me? Well, anyway, the bank says my money is protected and not to worry. Not that I had a lot in the account but they told me to monitor it and if anything happens then we change the account number. I can't believe I was SO STUPID!

2 Re: Another, not so good, day on Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:59 pm


That has to be so stressful.No wonder you are not sick..

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