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1 ****COMCAST USERS BEWARE!! ***** on Tue Nov 10, 2015 2:57 pm


Hi Everyone,
I was reading my FB account and found out that Comcast was hacked!!  I have Comcast.
They are advising everyone to change their passwords.

FYI: One of my credit cards was hacked 10 days ago.
The next day, I could not get into my Comcast account!!! Password was changed!! And not by me! I immediately notified Comcast and changed my password.

I changed my passwords 10 days ago, I am not sure if I have to change them again--PITA!

Please be safe.....


2 Re: ****COMCAST USERS BEWARE!! ***** on Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:42 pm


UH-O..scary world out there now..

I have a new phone# and maybe 4 people have the #. Just today I have had 4 wrong numbers calling me.
I have some CC company calling and calling telling me they have given me more spending.. I do not have their card or any card lol.

3 Re: ****COMCAST USERS BEWARE!! ***** on Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:44 pm


Barb, I think you have an iPhone. It is very easy to block those nuisance numbers.
The problem is; they are all computer generated for random numbers. Once you are on their list, it is impossible to get off of it.

On the iPhone, just scroll down on who called you. You will see a "block number" line; Click on that.
It may take many blocked numbers, but these phone calls will eventually subside. If I do not know the caller ID number or there is not a name which I recognize, I do not answer it. If there is no message, then I block that number.

I think I have about 20 numbers blocked on my phone.

The best one was from a computer generated voice which sounded too human. I found myself having a conversation with a computer!! It sounded that lifelike!!

Susan or Heather from the credit card company is a classic.

All these nuisance numbers and I am on the "Do Not Call List' with both my home phone and my cell phone.


4 Re: ****COMCAST USERS BEWARE!! ***** on Tue Nov 10, 2015 6:48 pm


We've signed up for Google Fiber. I don't know how long it will be before we get to switch over but I will be so glad to get rid of ComCast. Google Fiber has been installing very high speed service here in the Kansas City area.

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