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Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel

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1 Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel on Tue Oct 20, 2015 4:05 pm


I don't know if it is one L or two. I watched Andrew Zimmern on a trip to the hotel's kitchens. They feed 4000 people a day. It was really amazing. Rooms for everything. Fish flown in daily. I was really impressed. What really got me was that they also have something like 30,000lbs of waste a week. There is one pig farmer in the area that trucks the waste to his farm in semi's. It was pretty ripe on arrival. They pour the mess on a conveyer belt and pick through it to make sure all of the plastic gloves and foreign objects are removed. It was then belted up a ramp into these huge cooking vats and cooked for 30 minutes to decontaminate it. Frankly I would think that some of those toxins couldn't be made safe. The slop is then fed to the pigs. What I couldn't believe is that this garbage mess was slung everywhere. It was hanging layer upon layer over everything. Andrew said he was going to burn his underwear after the tour. He did have some of their cooked pig and he said the difference in taste and texture between a gourmet fed pig and a corn fed pig. The gourmet fed pig was far superior. It is really amazing that an animal can eat and convert that mess into something so good.

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