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OK, What's happening For Labor day ??

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1 OK, What's happening For Labor day ?? on Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:53 am


All right! Come on now! Is this Labour Day becoming just a Ho Hum Nothing special day / week end?

We have no plans here. The Tina's Aunt episode is in it's last critical stage, and Tina will be at her aunts side all day until she is helped to go to sleep.
Hospice is set up in the living room of her home, and with nurses and aides coming in, all hours of the day, it will be hectic. Maybe not so much with the holiday?

I get to be the Baby sitter for the 91 Y/O Uncle that stays here with us.
I guess I will roast some hot dogs, and have Chili Dogs and baked beans.
Monday is the day I would do that. I will make some potato salad, and call it a day.
At night, I will probably sit and watch movies like Norma Ray.

The kids are doing their own thing. DD is having a Bon Fire and plenty of Wine sipping, and partying with friends up on the farm.

So what if any interesting plans do you all have lined up for the holiday??

2 Re: OK, What's happening For Labor day ?? on Sun Sep 06, 2015 6:18 am


not a thing here.

Dane may go play golf, maybe not.

I have about 3 loads of laundry to do......

3 Re: OK, What's happening For Labor day ?? on Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:10 am


Jimmy, I am kind of glad that you will have a quiet holiday. Tina will be completely exhausted. Is there and extra bed,at Uncles, where she can get some rest in between things.

quiet, pick up some meds for Artie, laundry, probably clean litter boxes and that bathroom. I do not plan to drive much because it of all the traffic.  I do have to got put today, but it should not be bad. I will be spending a lot of time around here. Leftovers for supper. I felt like munching on junk all day yesterday, so today I need a good meal.
Who know about tomorrow. I may stop at the store, on my way home, to pick up a couple of things. Or Trader Joes. It is on to the way to the compounding drug store; and maybe a couple cans of food for my cat....PetSmart is next to TJ's....
that is it...oh and catching up on some stuff I DVR'd an maybe a movie from On Demand.....

4 Re: OK, What's happening For Labor day ?? on Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:12 am


I do hate tot think it is the end of Summer.....It is going to be a heat wave up the 90's.....

5 Re: OK, What's happening For Labor day ?? on Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:24 pm


Not doing anything special for Labor Day itself but I am doing a test run on the Thanksgiving turkey on Wed. My sister always insists on having it at her house but last year, right after the dinner was over, she was tired and in a weak moment let me say I'd do it this year. Last month she was eating at Cassis's restaurant and she reminded her. She tried to waffle out of it but Cassie told her I had already bought extra chairs and made out the menu. That last part wasn't true but since then I have been thinking about it and want to try doing a turkey in that big Nesco roaster I have instead of in the oven. I also want to try out a maple glaze and gravy to see if we will like it.

6 Re: OK, What's happening For Labor day ?? on Sun Sep 06, 2015 3:14 pm


Golly, are the ever present 'Boy Scout'...."Be Prepared" is your motto!

But it sounds good.

I'm not sure about doing the maple glaze in the roaster, my turkey never got really nicely browned in the roaster. But it sure did cook nicely in a 'turkey bag' in it. I just took it out and put the bird on a sheet pan and stuck it into a hot oven to finish browning up for about 20 minutes. That way I still had the oven to do all the extra sides and when they were done and could sit for a few minutes to firm up in the casserole dishes there was time enough to brown up the turkey and burn the rolls.

But every time I did a turkey in the roaster I made sure there was some of the dressing in the bottom that would get all nice and crusty. Then, after the meal, all the turkey carcass and leftover vegetables got put into the dirty roaster, filled with water and allowed to simmer overnight. The next morning I always had the most flavorful stock AND an easy-to-clean roaster.

7 Re: OK, What's happening For Labor day ?? on Sun Sep 06, 2015 3:49 pm


I think I am going to combine 3 recipes in one. One will be a Nesco recipe that uses a browning sauce combined with the maple syrup glaze on one side and just the browning sauce (Kitchen Bouquet) on the other side. The third recipe uses a brown sugar/mustard which it says to put on during the last 30 minutes to one hour. If it isn't browning enough by then, I do plan to finish it in the oven. Last thing I will consider is not presenting the turkey whole but bringing it to the table already sliced. That way it won't matter if it browned or not. The thing that worries me about using the bag is that I won't be able to test it with an instant thermometer. Linda always uses that pop up thing and a bag in the oven and it is usually a little over cooked.

Good idea about the dressing (which I plan to cook outside the turkey anyway) and the left overs.

8 Re: OK, What's happening For Labor day ?? on Sun Sep 06, 2015 4:28 pm


I only used the bag to keep the majority of the mess in the bag, not even sealed except for a twisty tie at the top. That way I could un-do the thing and stick the breast & thigh with my Thermapen (well, at that time I had one of the 'instant read' thermometers). I always hated those pop-ups. I couldn't believe it when I saw a bag of them sold at a kitchen supply store. Do people actually think that's an accurate way to gauge temperature????

If the bottom of the bag didn't get a hole in it then it was super easy to get all the broth out of it to make gravy-took 2 people, but it worked ~ one suited up in hot-pad gloves holding the bag of broth & vegetables and the other to snip a hole in the corner and guide the stuff into a pan in the sink. Made it easy to then de-fat and use for the gravy.

9 Re: OK, What's happening For Labor day ?? on Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:21 pm


Sounds like a good idea to try. I wish I hadn't read this just after I got back from the store though.

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